When to Call a Professional for Conservatory Roof Repairs in Swansea

Conservatories can make a big difference to any home in Swansea. They give you a space to relax, play or entertain with friends and family – and they can add value to your property. But a new conservatory can be expensive and it’s important to choose the right one.

The roof is the most vulnerable part of your conservatory and it’s prone to problems such as leaks, misted or broken glass panels, slipped tiles and even rotting wood. Many of these can be easily repaired, but if you’re not careful you might end up with a more serious issue. So how do you know when it’s time to call a professional?

Leaking lead flashing: If your conservatory is tied into the brickwork using lead flashing, this can sometimes cause a leak when the weather is wet. This is often caused by rainwater blowing back up underneath the flashing and then entering the conservatory. This can usually be fixed by resealing the leaking area of the roof.

Faulty roof ventilators: Another common problem for conservatories is faulty roof vents. These can be a major source of heat loss and should always be checked and cleaned regularly. If they are not cleaned, moss and algae can grow on them and create a damp atmosphere in your conservatory. Cleaning the vents is usually quite simple and only requires a brush or vacuum cleaner.

Slipped tile: This is a common issue with older conservatory roofs and can be caused by storm damage, wear and tear or incorrect installation. The good news is that this is a relatively quick and easy repair, and most companies offer regular maintenance packages and discounted call out charges.

Polycarbonate roof repairs: Another issue that is very common with polycarbonate conservatory roofs is damage to the protective layer of polycarbonate sheets due to sun damage. This can be caused by UV rays, the pH of rainwater and even household cleaners.

Glass conservatory roof repairs: Whether your existing glass conservatory is old or new, it can be very difficult to control the temperature in the summer months when it’s too hot and too bright. This can cause you to avoid spending long periods of time in the room, which is a real shame!

A solid roof conversion for your conservatory can change it from an uncomfortable space into a truly comfortable, all year round room. It will increase the insulation in the winter and lower the temperatures in the summer and can also help you save on energy costs by reducing your reliance on central heating.

If you are looking for a solid roof for your conservatory, why not speak to the team at Falcon Installations? We can supply a lightweight tiled Ultraroof from Ultraframe which is quick to install and can be fitted to both new and existing conservatories. It creates a stunning vaulted ceiling and can be fitted with contemporary Velux windows too. It’s available in a range of tints and opacities so you can find the perfect finish for your home. conservatory roofs swansea

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