What to Skimp and Splurge on For Salon Equipment

When you open a salon and are starting from scratch (whether it is a nail, hair or spa-type salon), it is important to cut corners whenever possible in order to keep costs down and not go into your business buried under a mound of debt. One way you can do this is by buying used pieces of salon equipment. Many times, when a more established has made a significant profit, the owners would like to upgrade their current equipment and decide to sell their existing equipment to other salons. This is a perfect opportunity to get good quality equipment in good condition for a fraction of the price of what you would pay for a brand new piece of equipment. Looking in the newspaper or on a sales website such as Craigslist or eBay can help you find the best deals.

The pieces of equipment you want to splurge on in your salon are the items that are visible to the customer and ones that they can tell a difference whether or not it is in good condition or bad. The salon chairs themselves should be in good working order, void of any tears, scratches and broken springs in the backrest. That certainly would not be good for business! You also want to spend a nice part of your budget on the waiting section of your salon, if you are going for a more swanky and professional look. Having some folding chairs with 2 year old Good Housekeeping magazines lying around might seem the most professional. The hot dryers that fit over your head after you get your hair colored is something that could be bought used, providing it is free of any electrical issues, scratches or paint chips.

All pieces of salon equipment that are behind the scenes can be bought used. Mind you, these items should not be in horrible condition and falling apart. These pieces should be clean and in good working order, but buying them used is perfectly acceptable and will help you to keep your budget under control which is so important when you are just starting out in a new business. If your salon turns out to be a huge success and you have turned a nice profit, that is when you can upgrade your used pieces to newer equipment but until that time, enjoy the lovingly handed down pieces and start your business off with as little unnecessary debt as possible. Vernis à Ongles

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