What is Quantum Healing?

If you’re into alternative medicine, you may have heard of quantum healing. The term first gained widespread notice in 1989, when spiritual guru Deepak Chopra published a book on the topic combining ancient healing traditions from his home country of India with modern Western knowledge of physics and neuroscience.

It’s based on the principle that our bodies and minds are connected by energy. Practitioners believe that this energy, known as life-force, can be accessed and directed with certain techniques. They aim to direct it toward healing the body and mind. They’re aided in this endeavor by the principles of quantum mechanics.

Quantum theory suggests that everything, including people and their emotions, is made of energy. The way in which we consciously interact with this energy plays an important role in our health and well-being. And it ultimately influences our universal reality.

In short, quantum healing is about rebalancing your energetic system so that you can heal yourself. It’s also about using your thoughts and beliefs to create new possibilities in your physical world. It’s a co-creative process that relies on a force we still can’t fully explain.

If you’re interested in trying quantum healing, I highly recommend working with a professional quantum healer like Dr. Guita Balakhane. She can help you rebalance your energy and discover quantum solutions to your health challenges that will transform your physical and emotional well-being. This is a powerful form of healing that’s cheaper, faster and comes with zero side effects. what is quantum healing

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