What Could Possibly Be Coming Next In Video Games?

You all have probably heard all we had back in my day was pong. Well pong is long gone and the age of the video game has taken over. There are so many video game systems that you can buy to play video games on these days. Like you have the PS2, you have the Xbox, you have the Xbox 360 and now you have the PS3. Like what is going to come next after the PS3. I don’t think anything can come next. I mean I have heard something about a PS4 but I am pretty sure that wont happen anytime soon at least while I am in the video game era. All of these gaming systems are expensive but they are all worth the money if you like to play video games.

Today we live in the world of video games and fantasy. So you are going to have those games that are out there and are kind of crazy. You are also going to have those games that are fun to play and are hard at the same time. You are even going to have games that require you to use your brain and think through the game. Those types of games tend to be the types of games that you have to be sneaky in like the new splinter cell and those kinds of games.

People are starting to go crazy when it comes to video games. There are people that will even carry their favorite systems with them just so they can play anytime they want. What they will do is take a backpack and put their gaming system in the backpack then carries a portable DVD player with them so they can play. Even though it sounds insane I think it is pretty cool to do. Like you are in college and say you are going to class and you just find out that you have a sub and you will not be doing anything for the day, you can either go back to your dorm room if you live in campus or you can just pull out your system and hook it up and start playing. When you are in college you can do whatever you want the teachers are not babying you anymore so if you want to play other then work on your class work then they will just say go for it. Be ready for the test tomorrow and then you will say dang I should have just stayed home and not even have came to class.

Even though video games are something that you like to do everyday and wish that you could skip school instead of going to your class you still have to go to school to get your work done so you just need to go to school and then when you get home you still have so many hours to play before you have to study for that test. You just need to focus on what you need to do, not what you want to do. Pokemon trading cards

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