Wednesday Addams Costume Shop Outfit Picks

Wednesday Addams Costume Shop
The youngest daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams is a dark beauty in her own right. Whether she’s confronting her sibling’s bullies or partying with friends, Wednesday’s style is always on point. And, luckily, her look is a little easier to recreate than her older family members’. From a black dress to a pair of platform combat boots, the perfect Wednesday Addams costume can be yours with these outfit picks.

This black tulle dress is the perfect base for your child’s or your own Wednesday Addams costume. It’s a close match to the one Jenna Ortega wore in her now-iconic dance sequence, and comes in both kids and adult sizes. Just throw on a white collar and your choice of accessories to nail the look.

For a more casual Wednesday Addams outfit, take a cue from her Nevermore Academy uniform with this black and white striped blazer. Add a black pleated skirt and tie for full effect, or switch out the blazer for a plain shirt and twill pants for a more subtle Wednesday outfit. No matter your choice, don’t forget a pair of black combat boots. These Amazon-rated boots are Wednesday-approved and will add a touch of darkness to your outfit.

For a finishing touch, top off your Wednesday Addams look with this wig. This velvet wig is easy to style into her signature braids, but can easily be undone for a Morticia-inspired hairdo if needed.

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