Wedding rings

A ring has always been assumed a symbol of marriage. Why is it a ring and not a bracelet or beads? That’s because a ring is a closed strip,Guest Posting a circle that is a sign of the continued, stable and eternal. It means that a ring is a symbol of eternal love and fidelity, as well as a guarantee that two loving hearts will always be next to each other, will always help each other in joy and sorrow, and will never part. Nowadays, when a number of divorces, unfortunately, is almost on a par with a number of marriages, wedding rings have lost their symbolism. Still, any bride and groom believe that their marriage will be the happiest, the best on the Earth, and therefore, they exchange wedding rings vowing in eternal love and fidelity to each other.

The ancient Egyptians were the first who began to use engagement rings. They produced rings of gold and exchanged them for marriage.  They put rings on the middle finger of the left hand. It was believed that through that finger the vein, which leads straight to the heart, runs.  Egyptians firmly believed that if the ring was put on the middle finger of the left hand, it helped to keep love in hearts to each other for a lifetime. The finger, which a wedding ring was worn on, even was considered to be miraculous, and a ring gave this powerful force to it. Not only Egyptians but also ancient Greeks and Romans used this particular finger when rubbing various herbal ointments.  This finger was applied to burns, sores and barley, and people believed that a finger with a wedding ring helped to overcome an ailment.

A wedding ring is widely used for various kinds of divinations, but in this case it is taken only a ring from a happily married person. It obviously happens because gold, like any other metal, absorbs the information about its owner, especially if it is a ring with a precious or semi-precious stone.

Wedding rings as an indispensable attribute of a wedding celebration have been existing  since pre-Christian times. But in ancient times some people could afford only to tie a flower on their finger as a sign of love and fidelity. Modern brides and grooms usually put a ring of gold on the finger to each other, but lately it is not a postulate. A material of rings can be various, most importantly – the mutual feeling that it represents. Traditionally, a future husband buys a ring. But the special value this purchase is for a bride. In fact, the ring is not just a jewelry, it becomes the personification of every girl’s dream – a happy marriage.

It remains to solve one little question: how much to spend on engagement rings? Definitely, it will not be superfluous to tactfully discuss the price of rings with the bride before going to a store. Although your love is immeasurable, the actual budget is, unfortunately, not. Tell the bride beforehand how much money you intend to spend on a ring for her.

So, what, finally, to choose? Gold? Platinum? Or a handmade jewellery? Items of traditional classical form or a ring of fanciful style? The answer to this question may be suggested to a bride and groom by their own taste. But one important thing should not be overlooked when buying a wedding ring – it is for the whole life! That’s why a groom should not rush and buy the first ring he liked. He should pay attention not only on its color and style. Probably, he should try a ring on for several minutes. Then it is desirable to stretch the hand with a ring to a partner to give the possibility to evaluate the effect. Eventually, one must always remember that a wedding ring is just a symbol, and a happy and lasting marriage depends on the concrete people wearing this symbol. blue topaz ring

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