Waltham Hunter Pocket Watch – Buying and Repairing Information

The Waltham hunter pocket watch is a particular style of pocket watch popular at the start of the last century. Although no longer manufactured you can still buy them online for reasonable prices. Yet, before you go out and purchase one you need to know a few things to avoid buying a fake.

Before when timepiece was not yet invented people see what time is it through the sun. Telling the time with the sun was not very accurate compared to the timepiece we have now. A sun dial or a sun clock is the oldest kind of clock it is said that they were first used at around 3,500 B.C.

The disadvantage of sun dials is you could only use it during the day because they are dependent to the light of the sun. You need the light of the sun so that it will cast a shadow down to the sun clock, if the shadow points to 3 then that mean that it is already 3 o’clock. After the sun clock the water clock follows it is more accurate compared to the sun dial and can also tell you the time even when in the night.

The clock that has big heavy machinery was invented in around 1500 century. The first portable clock was discovered by Peter Henlein who was a German locksmith, and which was called the pocket watch since you could carry it in your pocket.

Waltham was one of the known brands of watch in their time, they are known for the quality of their pocket watches. In a pocket watch there are 2 major type the open faced and the hunter case. The open face has no cover to it while the hunter case pocket watches has a spring loaded cover that is attached to the watch.

So when you push the top part the cover will open. The purpose for this cover is to protect your watch face from being scratch and damaged. Without this cover the face of your pocket watch is prone to scratches and damage.

Most of the modern hunter case has the lid hinged on the bottom of the dial which is located at the 6 o’clock of the time while majority of the vintage and antique hunter case watch has their hinges attached at the 9 o’clock position of the time.

Waltham hunter pocket watches are still out in the watch collectible market it is expensive due to being a vintage or an antique. If you have a Waltham pocket watch and you want to check inside for serial number then you can open it by yourself if you know how.

Here are some tips and advices if your Waltham pocket watch need some repair.

If you know how to open your Waltham watch and repair them then you do that. But if you are not certain on how to pry it open then you need help. You need to go to a repair shop.

Do not just go to any watch repair shop go to a repair shop that is reputable and know how to deal with your type of watch. Tell them the information they need to know and let them do the repair.

The reason why you need to bring it to a reputable and not just any repair shop is if your Waltham pocket watch is an antique it means that it is fragile and there for needs the proper care of a professional watch repair.

Aside from that if you bring it to just any repair shop there is a possibility that they will replace the original parts of your watch and take the original part for themselves. Battery replacement for watches near me

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