Voiceovers – Get Great British Voice Overs Without a Middleman

You can get great British voice overs at affordable rates, without a middleman. Post a union or non-union job and connect directly with the voice talent you choose – it’s free to post, free to contact and completely hassle-free.

All of our voiceovers are vetted UK native speakers. We specialise in British accents – from London and Liverpool to Received Pronunciation (RP). Find a wide range of voices to suit your needs, from warm and friendly to businesslike and serious. We also have a variety of character voices – from light-hearted to sexy and engaging.

We produce high-quality VO for TV and radio ads, web explainers, social media videos, telephone prompts & IVR, corporate productions, narration and e-learning content. We can also help you with scripts, production and post-production.

An experienced broadcast professional, Mark has an easy going and approachable tone – ideal for a commercial or TV promo. He can also provide a cool, deeper RP accent for station imaging and more serious TV or radio commercial reads. voiceovers.uk

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