Top Ten Reasons to Pursue a Plumbing Career

Statistics from the US Bureau of Labor show that 8 of the top 10 fastest growing careers don’t need any sort of college degree. In fact, one of the best career opportunities around at the moment is a plumber. If you need more convincing,Top Ten Reasons to Pursue a Plumbing Career Articles keep reading for the top ten reasons to become a plumber.

1.       Currently, there’s a continuous shortage of plumbers and this promises to only become worse as members of the Baby Boomer era hit retirement age. Job security is a definite.


2.       Plumbers make a lot of money. This is one of the highest paid construction careers. Common hourly rates are $20 to $25, with some locations allowing for up to $35 or more an hour.


3.       Employers are putting together awesome benefit packages for plumbers in order to entice them to want to work for them. Union membership brings even better benefits.


4.       The training is the best you’ll get for any job. Since plumbers need to complete an accredited apprenticeship, you’ll earn money while you learn from a master plumber.


5.       Plumbers aren’t affected quite so much by economic changes like other construction careers. There’s always a need for plumbers.


6.       Job advancement for plumbers is like no other. You start with apprenticeship, move to journeyman, then up to foreman and general foreman, and then a piping superintendent. If you’re interested in becoming a construction manager or building inspector, you can acquire additional training.


7.       As a plumber, you’re responsible for creating something that lasts. These are things like homes, hospitals, sports facilities, offices, and factories.


8.       Being a plumber is never boring. You’ll work with such things as underground utilities, waste water treatment, water supply and   residential and commercial construction.


9.       Plumbers in the construction community become part of a close group of people that offer lifelong friendships with those you have something in common with.


10.     A good plumber gains well deserved recognition that stays with him.


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