Top Refrigeration Scales

Top refrigeration scales are useful tools for HVAC technicians to use when charging or recovering refrigerants. They are mainly comprised of a sturdy and non-slip platform to weigh the refrigerant, a display to see readings and a connector and case to carry it around. The precision of a refrigerant scale depends on the user; you can look for ones that measure up to the 10th of a pound or higher, depending on how precise you are.

The JB Industries DS-20000 Digital HVAC Refrigeration Charging Scale is one of the best options in the market due to its advanced solid state load cell that ensures highly accurate results down to 0.25 oz or 10 grams. This scale has a capacity of 220 pounds or 100 kilograms and also includes auto shut off to conserve battery power. It also shows results in oz, lb and kg for easy recording.

This refrigerant scale has a simple operation system with an LCD display unit that displays readings clearly. It also has a battery enunciator that lets the technician know when it’s time to change it. Its compact design makes it easy for the technician to carry around.

Another option for a refrigeration scale is this model from Elitech that comes with a heavy-duty case and an LCD display unit. It features a zero button to help you start off with a clean slate during measurements and also allows you to choose between pounds and kilograms. Top refrigeration scales

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