The Best Pickup Lines For Flirting

Whether you’re trying to break the ice on Tinder or get the conversation going with someone in real life, there’s nothing like a good pickup line. A clever line can shatter any initial awkwardness, spark a meaningful conversation, and put you on the fast track to date number one. However, not all pickup lines are created equal. Some are so over-the-top or cheesy that they’re actually offputting. Others are so smooth that they’re hard to resist. But no matter how well a pick up line is written, it’s still up to you to deliver it with confidence and wit. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best pick up lines to help you make the most of your flirting skills.

Funny Pick Up Lines
Funny pickup lines are a great way to get a girl’s attention and spark a fun, light-hearted conversation. These types of lines are especially effective when used to compliment a woman’s physical attributes or personal qualities. You can use these lines in person, over text, or even over the phone. Just be sure to pause and make eye contact before you use them so that they know you’re serious.

Corny Pick Up Lines
Corny pickup lines are a little riskier, but they can be extremely effective if delivered with the right tone and vibe. These types of lines are often regarded as “cheesy” because they’re so over-the-top, but if you say them with confidence and a playful attitude, they can be extremely effective. Just be careful not to overdo it with the enthusiasm – you want to come across as calm, confident, and self-assured.

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