Social Network Traffic and How it Can Help Your Business

Social network traffic has seen very interesting trends. MySpace generated 76% of United States traffic in 2007, while Facebook also generated 51%. This will change all the rules of generating free social networking traffic! Using social marketing and promotion can vastly improve your awareness, sales and traffic. I have successfully generated quality traffic to see if I can make some sales from social sites. The truth is, yes you can monetize traffic generated from social sites.

I know that many people say that social traffic is useless, but the truth is that I can’t say that’s true after testing it. To decide between SEO and social marketing you should first understand how you can benefit from the two.

Visitors from social websites may reach your blog and can actually become repeat visitors, if they like what you have to offer.

Also relying on social sites will offer you a chance to avoid using expensive Google AdWords that bigger companies rely on. If you desire quality traffic from social sites instead, you should simply go for the \site that is easy to target users and automate your promotional messages. Some stats reveals that there is decline in social users. Google is tracking social networks like twitter and they continue to drive genuine traffic while pushing their site’s content to the masses.

The key to success with free traffic from social sites is to just be active in the network, and be a quality, respected member. Eventually they will visit your site and perhaps become loyal readers. From your site you can then give quality free information to keep them coming back while also marketing your affiliate programs.

Compete web analytics have shown the latest social network numbers for 2009, with impressive growth seen across the board.

So many real-time websites, generated content and engines are built from social networks API’s. Of course, there are a lot of companies and people working on monetizing social networking sites. Twitter is the brand new social network traffic tool to hit the internet marketing scene.

Some will have you believe that social networks have a very short shelf life. Although sites like MySpace and Twitter often have users that move from one site to another only suggests that users have multiple accounts and switch loyalty from one network to another quickly.

Driving social traffic is never quick or easy, but you can build up a reputation which will result in regular visitors to your site, who have every chance of becoming regular customers.

Search traffic is just one element or part of internet traffic; other areas including the ever growing numbers of social network traffic. Monetizing social network traffic is now very common for online businesses. But what is attractive to advertisers is the huge jump in social stats across all age groups in the last 12 months. Cheapest smm Panel

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