Runner Rugs – Where to Find Them in Your Home

Runner rugs are a fantastic option for carpeting spaces in homes where fixed carpet is either not an option or too expensive and difficult to install. They also provide a stylish way to protect your floors and add comfort and warmth to your home décor.

Usually found in hallways, entryways and other confined areas of the home, runner rugs are long narrow pieces that come in various sizes, styles and materials. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a wide selection of designs and textures to suit the style of your home.

The most common place to have a runner rug is in the hallways of your home as they are the transitional areas and some of the most travelled spaces within the house. These runners help soften the hardness of these walkways and create a warm welcoming atmosphere for family and guests.

Another great space to have a runner is in an entryway as it can be used to welcome family and guests while softening the hardness of these spaces. A runner rug can also be placed in these spaces to give the illusion of elongating a space.

If you have a wooden staircase in your home, having a runner rug is a fantastic way to protect the surface while adding comfort and style. These rugs are often made from thick and plush materials like faux-fur and shag that can be quite soft and pleasant to walk on. They can also be made of nylon or polyester which are easy to clean and are able to withstand high traffic areas well.

You can also find a variety of styles in these runner rugs from traditional Persian or oriental rugs to modern designs and patterns. Many of these are also available in a number of different colors and can easily fit into your decor to enhance the overall ambiance.

A runner rug is a great choice for a living room as it can make these spaces feel warmer and more inviting. You can also use these rugs in these rooms to tie the look of your space together and create a nice warm atmosphere for family members to gather on in the evenings or to unwind after a long day.

There are a lot of other reasons to have a runner rug in your home such as its ability to hide imperfections in the floor, to soften hard surfaces and to prevent furniture from sliding across the hardwood flooring. These rugs are also very comfortable underfoot and can provide some traction to prevent people or objects from slipping on the hardwood floor especially in high traffic areas. They are also an ideal option for areas where fixed carpeting might not be an option as they can offer a more temporary solution for the floor. These rugs are also very affordable and can be replaced as needed. The most important factor in choosing a runner rug is how well it fits into the overall design and theme of your room as it should be a beautiful complement to the space rather than an overwhelming distraction from it.

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