Review of YouTube Marketing

YouTube is another important tool in your internet marketing tool belt. This is a great way to get your name out there, help brand yourself, and even contribute to moving your website or blog up in rankings on the search engines. Video marketing enables customers to get a different feel for you than just the printed page. It’s a great way to bond with your potential clients.

The thought of doing a video really scares some people; worrying about how they’ll sound, what they’ll look like,

“What will I say?”. Don’t worry. We’ll go into that and how you can create easy, stress-free videos quickly and efficiently.

YouTube has nearly 80million registered users. Nearly 150,000 videos are uploaded daily. So this market can be competitive, but there are ways to go about getting your video ranked high on the search engines.

Below are 10 basic tips to get you started.

1. Provide Value. This is not the time to create a commercial for your product or service. With so many videos out there for people to choose from, you need to give them something that they want to see. Provide useful information. Do a training video on something that people are interested in. Just make sure that it ties in with your product, brand, and service.

2. Keep it short. Ideally, keep your video between 3-5 minutes. Any longer, and your viewers may not watch the entire thing. You don’t want that because YouTube actually tracks how long viewers watch a video. If they don’t watch it in its entirety, your ranking will go down.

3. Good Quality. Make sure the sound is decent and the lighting is good. Be sure that there aren’t any distractions in the background.

4. Shy about talking on a video? There are other options. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of being on camera, look into such programs as Camtasia. This program allows you to present information directly on your screen. You don’t have to be on camera. All you will do is explain or present your topic.

5. Search Engine Optimization. Use typical SEO techniques to get your video ranked higher. Use keywords in your URL and file name. Also use appropriate keywords in your title and video description. This is a whole topic which can be very complex, so we won’t go into detail here.

6. Allow comments and ratings. This is a good way to interact with your viewers. You will have the option to remove comments if you think something is inappropriate or spammy. Try to respond to the comments as well. Allowing ratings will also help with your rankings on the search engines.

7. Place your website in the description box. Place it before your actual video description. This will help point traffic toward your website, as well as create back links.

8. Get your video out there. Post your videos on blogs, websites, and social media sites. Anytime your video is viewed, even if it’s on other sites, YouTube counts it as a view and this will help your rankings. So post your videos anywhere you can.

9. Do it often. When you start this form of marketing, make sure you create your videos frequently. Every time you learn something new, immediately make a video. Remember, these don’t have to long. The more videos you put out there, the higher your rankings will be.

10. There are many more techniques for posting, and ranking your YouTube videos. As you become more comfortable with this marketing medium, you can research and learn these more advanced methods. buy custom youtube comments

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