Premier Broadcast Offers a Variety of Advertising Opportunities

BSkyB’s monopoly on Premier League football rights can be modelled as an upstream auction with “externalities”. The upstream seller maximises monopoly rents by selling exclusive rights followed by reselling.

By restricting the availability of Premier League matches, this inefficient cartel imposes a welfare cost on consumers. The removal of these restrictions should be a key part of any resolution accepted by the Commission.

Christian Broadcasting

The sophistication, diversification, and influence of Christian broadcasting are underappreciated dimensions of the global religious scene at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Christian radio is the dominant purveyor of religious teaching and entertainment for a substantial segment of the world’s population, from India to Europe, Latin America, and the United States.

Religious programs emphasize morality and evangelism, as well as the teachings of the Bible. Critics charge that they often promote biblical inerrancy, denying the validity of historical-critical methods of scriptural exegesis. Many are avowedly anti-intellectual, attacking intellectualism and promoting a form of faith that rejects the concerns of mainstream scholarship and history.

Premier Christian Radio began in 1994 as a local MW station for Greater London and grew to include Lifeline telephone counselling, a series of magazines (including Christianity Magazine and Youthwork), and the broadcast of a national DAB service on 1305 from Chingford and Ewell, 1413 from Bow and Heathrow and 1566 from Guildford. It is operated by the charity, Premier Christian Media Trust.

Streaming Services

Streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu and DirecTV Stream let you watch your favorite shows and movies on the go. They also come with a large library of free on-demand TV programming. Some of these services also offer add-on sports channels and subscriptions, like NHL CENTER ICE.

If you want to watch soccer matches on the go, try the ESPN+ app. It offers live and on-demand streaming of many televised sporting events, including Premier League games. It’s available for iOS and Android devices.

The ESPN+ app also streams NBCUniversal’s programming, including “Law & Order,” “Chicago Fire” and other acclaimed television series. However, parent company NBCUniversal recently moved next-day access to Bravo and other channels to its new streaming service, Peacock.

Advertising Opportunities

Premier Broadcast offers a variety of advertising opportunities. Feature your brand on our broadcasts of major sports, awards shows, news and political debates. Premier’s programming provides greater reach than cable but without wasting your budget on the entire DMA, allowing for more efficient targeting on both a geographic and demographic basis.

The entertaining style of football played in the English Premier League is renowned around the world for its fast-paced, furiously contested matches. The Premier League provides an opportunity for brands to engage global audiences and tell their story in front of passionate fans in packed stadiums.

Boost response with innovative online ads that deliver your message to highly-engaged Christians. Premier’s online offerings offer an array of unique ad formats to capture your audience’s attention.

Become a Sponsor

Premier Broadcast is seeking sponsorship for its upcoming season of broadcasts. Sponsors can be involved in any way they choose, from presenting to offering product placements and more. Sponsorship is an effective means of advertising that can deliver many benefits. For example, some companies use it to change perceptions of their brand, and for others, it is the best way to reach a specific audience.

Become a Premier Broadcast Sponsor for the 2022 season and get your branding displayed during the tournament. Various packages are available, including Squeeze-up Banner Ads, Pre-Roll (5-10 seconds) and Mid-Roll (up to 20 seconds) video ads as well as Video on Demand branding. 프리미어중계

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