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Companies act 1956 has laid down many rules and regulation for company registration in india. Every country has its own rules and procedures for company registration that every company of that particular country has to follow all the rules and regulations in order to get company registration. company registration is one of the necessary law services that every company recommended to accompanied with all the rules in order to carry business activities smoothly. Whether it is USA,Online Company Services- New Company Registration, LLP, Patent Renewal and Registration Articles UK, Australia, Canada or any other countries every country has its own rules and procedures for company registration. In now days law firms also offers various types of company / business law services for different types of companies.

Company like 365companies that offers company incorporation services, public limited company registration, company incorporation in India, llp registrations, NBFC registration in India, IPO listing, company trademark registration, FCRA registration, company patent registration, company formations services, taxation and licensing services, company registration law in India, vat registration and many more. All these types of companies also offer online facilities like online company registration where company owner or interested clients can get needful information through online request form. Company is a kind of an association or team of members that work together in order to carry business activities. Therefore, to carry business with unique and specific name company registration is very important that enables business in gaining outsiders interest.

In India the procedure for company registration whether old or new company is very simple it only requires approval of company name by the Registrar of the companies of the state in which the company maintains its registered office, the last word should be pvt ltd in case of private company and limited in case of public company. After company registration, there is another company services that comes under major concern named patent registration that comprises the protecting and preventing the unique or distinct product or service of any kind invented by inventor. It is a kind of safeguard against the unauthorized use or importing of the services or product or process innovatively invented. In India, patent registration is usually registered for 20 years which is specific period which must be renewed with time to time. After patent registration, there is one more services with name llp registration that comprises limited liability partnership where partners enter into partnership with their limited liabilities. For llp registration there are different rules and regulations like need minimum 2 partners, certified copies of identity proof of the applicant, address proof along with signed physical copy of form 7 submit to Ministry of Corporate Affairs and many more points are there which you can find from 365companies online portal of company law and legal services in India. business registration

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