Oceanside Beach House Rentals – The Only Way To Vacation in The Caribbean

A home away from home experience. This is not something many of us think of when booking a vacation in the Caribbean but it is something more and more of North Americans are considering. When you come to the Caribbean you look for relaxation, privacy and a little bit of luxury. You can find all of this in Oceanside beach house rentals, so why opt for a hotel? Yes, there are some incredible hotels around, but nothing beats the spacious, seclusion of a private beach house, villa or bungalow.

If you have never thought about going for an Oceanside beach house rental rather than a hotel, here are some factors that might help you see it as a possibility for your next vacation.

  1. Privacy – No matter which hotel you are looking at there is always an element of sharing. Even with your own private bathroom, you will be sharing hallways and entrances. The majority of the time sharing means more noise and less relaxation, which is the complete antithesis of a Caribbean vacation. Every day should be about letting the stress float away and pampering yourself.
  2. Services – Private rentals have amenities like kitchens that you will rarely find in a hotel. This allows you to really cut the costs of a holiday and allows you more control over when and what you want to eat. Yes, many rentals miss out on having a hotel on the premise but, if that is hugely important to you, rentals that are part of a wider complex can be found, so you can combine the two.
  3. Space – Private rentals offer you space that is usually not available within a hotel. Why live in a single room, or small suite for two weeks when you can have a whole house all to yourselves?


Types of Rentals

There are a few different types of properties available within the rental market and the most suitable will be shaped by your own circumstances. Private homes, apartments and condos are available. Also, as mentioned, you have the choice of a rental completely on its own, or one part of wider complex. A benefit with the latter option is that you usually have access to a hotel or complex’s amenities. Always check before you arrive exactly what is provided, it is best to have this in writing.

How to Rent a Property

Recommendations and reviews are a good place to start. The internet is a fantastic resource but always double-check your facts. You can also visit direct management firms, or look into adverts from individual owners. The key is to start looking early, especially if you are looking at peak season. Also remember that the Caribbean has rainy seasons – make sure you are not booking in the middle of one. Always check cancellation policies, you never know if your plans will change when you book in advance.

Banana Beach, Honduras – A Great Oceanside Beach House Rentals Choice

Located on the north coast of Honduras, in between the sleepy town of Trujillo and Santa Fe, Banana Beach is a great choice for first time and more established beach house renters.

Less developed than other areas within the Caribbean, the Trujillo Bay area provides you with the beaches, the weather, the culture and the relaxation without the crowding. There is fantastic swimming, snorkeling and boat trips available… and dolphins are regularly spotted. Tours of the local shipwreck and starfish colonies are easily arranged.

Banana Beach itself is an intimate resort, providing private rentals with a restaurant and bar for ease and comfort. The best time for travelling to the north Honduras area is March – September. The rains can start anytime in October or November, but no need to worry there is still some sunshine throughout the rainy season if that is the only time you can come down.

Mario Steven is a travel writer reviewing the Banana beach house rentals and the Mystic restaurant in Trujillo Honduras. For more information about the house rental, visit the website listed above. Bachelorette Party Cartagena

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