Multiple Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Accounts?

Online social media and video sharing sites have been great marketing venues for internet marketers. Although these sites are not originally designed for marketing, they certainly have been a bless for marketers. However, as online marketers, we have to draw a clear line between proper marketing and spamming.

You might have read ebooks or listened to webinars teaching you how to set up multiple Twitter, YouTube or Facebook accounts for your marketing. Is that OK or it that considered spamming?

Personally, I have more than one accounts at these sites and the reason being that I want to separate my personal and business matters. I think this is reasonable because your personal friends might not be interested in business or marketing ideas you share on these sites, and there are things that you only want to share with your close personal friends. For example, do you want your business associates or prospects to know that you have haemorrhoids treatment or having a fight with your wife? The answer is NO for me, I don’t know about you.

However, if you intent to set up multiple Twitter, YouTube and Facebook accounts purely for advertising and marketing purposes, and send multiple messages with sale pitch and offers constantly, then there is no doubt that you are spamming. I have come across people doing that and I have to say it is really irritating. I will never in my life buy from these guys.

Then there is the controversial area where people set up multiple accounts for different businesses or products, but instead of posting sale pitch, they offer good information and news related to those products. To me, it is still acceptable but these people are really on the edge. You might get some result in the short term, but sooner or later people will find out what you are doing or you might get suspended depending on which social networks or sites you are on.

So, please do think twice and don’t simply follow the so called “experts” blindly. Different people will have different opinion and you have to decide on your own which path you want to go down. buy youtube shares

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