Minimalist Baby Registry Checklist

There are a lot of baby products on the market. But with the right minimalist baby registry checklist, you can easily pare down what’s truly necessary and avoid accumulating too much clutter in your home. The best minimalist baby registry items work in small spaces, are multi-functional or grow with your child. In addition, they can double as travel essentials or are reusable to help keep your clutter at bay.

To get started, download this free minimalist baby registry checklist. Then, filter out any items that won’t work well in your space or won’t be used for very long (like those cute baby clothes and bibs). You also want to remove anything that is unnecessary to your lifestyle such as a crib mattress pad, diaper pail or highchair.

You should still register for a couple of baby bath towels (this set from Pottery Barn Kids is great) and a baby swaddle blanket or two (these muslin options from Aiden and Anais are my favorites). While you might also consider registering for a baby carrier, most occupational therapists recommend against it as it restricts body movement and slows gross motor development. For the same reason, registering for a swing or bouncer isn’t recommended either as they’re big plastic items that will be outgrown quickly and aren’t very ergonomic for newborns. Instead, add a lightweight, ergonomically designed baby carrier like this one from UPPAbaby to your list.

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