Mattar Residences is the First Smart Condominium to Support Matter Protocol

Located at Matter Road in District 14, Mattar Residences is a 5-storey residential development with 26 units. The freehold condominium is designed by Singapore’s renowned architects and developed by L.K.Ang Construction.

The four big smart home platforms — Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings — all support Matter, which means any of their apps and smart speakers and hubs can manage your devices through this protocol. You also don’t have to use one of these platforms, since a Matter feature called multi-admin control lets you set up Matter devices to work with any platform you want (though you will need to download the app for that).

Matter is built into all the major home hubs and routers, including Google Home Wi-Fi and the Nest Wi-Fi Pro and second-generation Nest Hub Max; the 4th-gen Apple TV 4K and the new Apple HomePod Mini; and many Samsung SmartThings appliances and smart light bulbs and plugs. It’s also built into the Home app for Android devices and the TP-Link Tapo and Aqara apps. And a number of companies — Eve Systems with its HomeKit over Thread lineup and Yale with swappable modules for its locks — have announced they’re upgrading their existing products to work with Matter.

Unlike Bluetooth and Zigbee, which use different wireless protocols to communicate, all Matter devices are connected through the same low-power mesh network, so they’ll work together even if one device goes out of commission. That makes it more reliable and secure, though the protocol doesn’t replace encryption — you’ll still need to enable a password for each device or use a home security solution like the Ring doorbell camera for protection. matter residences

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