Joe Tippens and the Joe Tippens Protocol

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, or know someone who has, you’ve probably heard about joe tippens protocol. It’s a simple treatment regimen that can cure cancer, according to Joe Tippens. It involves taking fenbendazole, a common parasite medicine, and adding other ingredients like curcumin and vitamin E.

When he was diagnosed with terminal small cell lung cancer in January of 2017, Joe Tippens was told that his life expectancy was only three months. He was devastated, but didn’t give up hope. That’s when he started searching for answers and found one that has doctors scratching their heads and the rest of us raising our eyebrows: dog medicine.

That’s right, the man whose PET scan lit up like a Christmas tree is now cancer free thanks to the $7 pill that his veterinarian gave him for his dog. He was prescribed fenbendazole, also known as mebendazole, to kill the parasites that were causing his cancer.

After taking it for a few months, his next PET scan showed that the cancer was gone. Tippens credits his fenbendazole treatment for saving his life.

Since then, he’s shared his story with the world and has been able to help many others beat cancer using this protocol. Some have even been able to stop their chemo treatments and go into complete remission with it. However, the fenbendazole protocol isn’t for everyone and should be used under the care of a doctor. In addition, it’s recommended that patients take 400-800mg of vitamin E a day along with their fenbendazole.

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