JC Refrigeration Replaces Norcold Cooling Units

JC Refrigeration has a product that replaces your Norcold cooling unit and converts it to a Freon system similar to what is used in residential refrigerators. This eliminates the ammonia and odors of the Norcold cooling unit and makes your refrigerator far more efficient.

The new cooling units are completely remanufactured. They do not contain any ammonia and are sealed with a polyurethane seal. The polyurethane seal does not deteriorate over time and is much better than the sealing gasket on the Norcold cooling unit which can leak, tear or fail over time. The remanufactured cooling units are the best available and will last a long time.

It is important to carefully follow the instructions for installing the new cooling unit. First, great care needs to be taken to seal the evaporator foam pack into its pocket. This is the most common cause of failures of Norcold cooling units. Some manufacturers instruct their assemblers to use thermal mastic around the sealing area of the pocket. Thermal mastic is not an insulation material but is a very good thermal conductor.

It is also important to seal the rear of the cooling unit to the refrigerator cabinet with low-expansion spray foam. This will prevent moisture and air from leaking into the area where the evaporator coils connect to the evaporator foam pack. It is also a good idea to spray a bead of spray foam about one inch thick around the perimeter of the evaporator pocket on the inside of the fridge cabinet. norcold cooling units

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