How to Make a Video Response in YouTube

Making a video response for one of your own can be a great way to see some extra traffic coming off of the most popular videos on YouTube.

A good way to market your website on YouTube is to include a link to your website in the description and even put your website URL at the beginning and end of the video. This encourages your viewer to visit your website if they liked the content of your video.

A lot of people use video responses in YouTube to bring extra traffic to their own videos and consequently boost the traffic which comes back to their websites. This article will explain what a video response is and how to make a video response in YouTube. Note that in this article I’m going to be referring to “videos” as “clips”, as well.

The first thing to understand is what this term even means. You’ve likely seen these responses in the past when you are viewing other clips on YouTube. There is a section below the content which you are watching which oftentimes says responses if there are any responses to the one which you are watching.

When you’re watching a video you may see that response below it and that may motivate you to check out that video, as well, if it is related to the video with your watching.

Video responses are ways that someone can share the popularity and enjoy some of the runoff traffic of a very popular video in the same niche.

The actual purpose of the video response is just to create links to relevant videos on the same topic of interest, thus encouraging people to spend more time on YouTube.

Getting back to how to make a video response on YouTube, you first need to have a YouTube account. It is simple enough to sign up and it’s completely free. When you are logged into your YouTube account, go to the video which gets lots of traffic which you want to link to and go to the comments section and click on that box as if you are about to make a comment of your own.

You’ll see a link on the right which appears after you click this box which will say create a clip response. Click on this and you will have the option of either uploading a new clip or taking an existing clip which you already have upload it to your profile and using that. Simply choose the video that you want, and from then on your video will be listed as a video response for that first clip.

Something to keep in mind when doing this is that each of your videos can only be a video response to one other clip. This makes sense because otherwise people would abuse this feature and create responses to every video which gets over 1 million views. This constraint of only being able to create a response to one clip forces you to choose wisely to get the most relevant connection on the most popular video. youtube comment likes

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