How to Get the Best Moving Company Quotes

When it comes to arranging your move, it’s important to shop around. You want a moving company with competitive prices and a large number of four- and five-star reviews. You should also work with a company that offers flexible scheduling and a comprehensive range of services. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, most movers will provide an online quote or schedule an in-person appointment to survey your belongings and give you a more accurate estimate. This step is particularly important if you’re going with a larger moving company like Two Men and a Truck or United Van Lines.

Your quote will depend on a variety of factors, from your moving mileage to the size of your home and the number of boxes. Many companies will provide an online quote based on the information you submit, but they’ll typically require additional details in order to give you a more accurate price. Be sure to include the number of rooms, the number of boxes and any specific pieces of furniture you need to move. Some companies will only provide an estimate if you submit a complete inventory of your belongings, while others will visit your home to survey them in person.

When requesting quotes, be sure to ask about extra charges for items that are difficult or heavy to move. These might include bulky furniture, stairs or a steep driveway. It’s also worth asking how much extra it will cost to store any items for a few weeks or longer. Some companies may have a storage facility on-site, while others will arrange for you to store your items with a third party.

Once you’ve received your quotes, carefully compare them to see which moving company offers the best value. Make sure to look at both positive and negative reviews from past customers. Look on Google, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau for both written and video reviews. Also be sure to check the company’s credentials, including its licenses and insurance coverage.

In addition to providing a comprehensive online moving quote, many companies offer tips and other helpful resources to help you prepare for your move. Some will assign a personal move coordinator to coach you through the planning process, while others provide online moving guides and checklists. It’s also a good idea to get a full inventory of your belongings, which is often called a cube sheet or table of measurements, from each mover you’re considering. This will help you keep track of your possessions and ensure that no items are left behind or misplaced during the move.

If you’re moving interstate, all movers must follow rules set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These rules say that interstate movers must conduct a physical survey of your belongings in your current home and your new one, unless you waive this requirement in writing. Most movers will provide you with a binding or non-binding estimate and charge you based on the number of items they actually transport, as well as the time it takes to pack and unpack your belongings. Some will offer additional coverage such as valuation or liability protection, which can help you recover from any damage that occurs during the move. quotes

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