How to Choose a Brand Design Firm

Brand design might seem like a minor element of a business, but it has a massive impact on the success and longevity of a company. Creating a great visual brand is much more than picking typefaces and colors — it’s about finding an identity that inspires confidence and trust in prospective customers. A great visual brand will make buyers feel closer to your firm and value you for more than just your services.

The best branding agencies are experts at making a brand feel like a natural extension of the firm’s own identity. This is what separates a great brand from the mediocre.

Choosing a firm with the right expertise in your industry is essential, as their approach will be most closely aligned to your goals. The best agencies will also have a portfolio that shows their versatility, creativity, and ability to tackle unique challenges.

Look for a firm that uses online proofing to simplify the review and approval process. Cutting out the back-and-forth of emails and multiple meetings allows clients to more quickly comment and provide feedback on designs, even at the very early stages of a project. This creates direct transparency between the client and internal designers to streamline collaboration and speed up the overall design process.

Branding firms are also good at creating marketing collateral. Marketing collateral is any outward-facing printed or digital materials that a firm might send to a prospective client or job candidate, from firm brochures to research reports. Branding firms are able to create brand identities that can be used across multiple channels, from logos and color palettes to typography and layout. brand design firm

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