How to Backup Current Settings Before Upgrading Android Homescreen

You must be ROOTED, in order for you to backup all settings quickly and easily for a full restore to a different build. This is helpful when running Android on a Windows Mobile device such as the HD2, you can easily switch to different builds that come out weekly. Keep in mind, this method only for any Android device. It can back up everything, home screen, widget to messaging, plus your Database.


A. Download Titanium Backup” from the Android Market
B. First time you open the program, tick the “Problems?” button. it will download the latest version of Busybox, added command line utilities used to backup data.
C. Hit “Backup/Restore”
D. Tap the “Menu” button or hard button
E. Choose “Batch”
F. Tap “Run” next to “Backup all user apps + system data”
G. Leave everything selected on this screen. We will selectively choose what to restore in our new build. Having everything backed up means you won’t miss anything.
H. Make sure “Kill active apps” is selected
I. Tap “Run the batch operation”
J. Tip: While this is running, tap the screen every now and again to ensure your phone doesn’t time out. just to be safe for any auto-killers that may be running
K. Restart your phone

Restore: after changing builds: Remember: If youre running in a WM device,download first the APK for Titanium Backup and place it in your Android Apps folder for easy access on your first boot.

A. Skip as much of your new Android Setup screens as possible. No need to waste time here when it will be restored with Titanium.
B. Go into settings and set up your Google Account.
B1. After placing the account, set it to NOT sync.
B2. Be sure to do this BEFORE entering the Market, or the syncing will happen automatically. The reason for doing this is to avoid overwriting it all with Titanium data
C. Next Go into “Settings -=> Applications” and check “Unknown Sources”
D. Re-acquire Titanium Backup (unless you had the APK in your Android Apps folder) and hit the “Problems?” button to install in your new build. jojoy

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