How Often Should Your Omega Watch Be Serviced?

Your Omega watch is a complex piece of machinery that should be regularly serviced. A complete overhaul should be done at least once every five years. This is to ensure that there are no leaks and that the water resistance is still good. It is also important to have the watch checked over for any scratches or other cosmetic damage. A complete watch service is the only way to properly care for a luxury timepiece like an Omega.

The type of Omega watch you have will determine how often it needs to be serviced. Quartz watches need to be serviced more frequently than automatic watches. This is because the mechanical movements of automatic Omega watches require more maintenance and parts than a simple quartz movement. Changing a battery is a relatively easy task for most people, but getting your watch completely serviced will require the help of an expert.

There are many different services that Omega offers. Some of these include a complete service that will restore the functional and aesthetic aspects of the watch. This includes replacement of all gaskets and seals that ensure water resistance. The case and metal bracelet will be polished and any scratches or other imperfections will be removed. Finally, the rate and function of the watch will be tested to ensure that it meets Omega’s quality standards.

An Omega restoration service is available for people who own historical watches. This includes watches that were manufactured before 1940. These watches have a unique history and priceless sentimental value, so it is important to protect them as much as possible. Omega’s specialized watchmakers can carefully and thoroughly clean an old watch, restoring it to its original condition. They can even rebuild certain components that were lost over the years.

A watch that has been in storage for a long period of time may need to be demagnetized. This is especially true if the watch has been kept near electronics, such as televisions and speakers. A professional can use a degaussing machine to remove the magnetic fields that are created by these devices. The watch will then be able to run correctly again.

If you have an Omega watch that requires a complete service, it is best to go to an authorized dealer. These are typically located in major cities and have their own repair centers. You can also find independent watchmakers who are experienced with servicing Omega watches. The Omega website has a directory of their authorized retailers and service centers, so you can look for one in your area.

During a full service, the watch is disassembled and cleaned in various chemical baths. The watch is then reassembled and lubricated using greases designed for Omega. The case and bracelet are polished to a high shine. The movement is regulated and put into beat (if it is a mechanical watch) or reassembled and re-lubricated with the new battery (if it is a quartz watch). Finally, the dials and hands are repositioned and set. Omega watch repair

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