How Much Does a Custom Built Wardrobe Cost?

The cost of a custom built wardrobe can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the project. The materials used also impact the cost. For example, MDF is less expensive than real wood but is susceptible to warping, while solid pine or oak are more durable and long-lasting. Another factor influencing the price is whether or not the installation includes the modification of existing wall space to fit the wardrobe cavity, and that will increase the overall costs.

A professional will work closely with you to understand your needs and wants in order to create a design that fuses function and style perfectly. This will include a detailed consultation that allows them to assess whether your preferences are feasible and within the budget.

You can opt for a wardrobe that is open or closed, depending on what suits your space and lifestyle. If you have a shoe collection, for example, you can incorporate shoe racks in your wardrobe to help keep them organised and tidy. You can also add drawers to a wardrobe to store folded clothes and other items like shoes, overnight cases and jewellery.

You can opt for a range of different doors to your wardrobe, such as sliding or swinging. This is an important decision as it will determine how easy it is to access your belongings inside your wardrobe. For example, if you have a small space, you may want to choose a sliding door to make the room feel bigger. custom built wardrobe

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