Holosync And Healing Meditation

For thousands of years master practitioners of the ancient art of meditation have claimed that it has healing benefits for both mind and body. Whether meditation can heal all illness or not I do not know. However,Guest Posting as a stress-buster it is unequaled in its success rate.

As stress is becoming the biggest cause of illness in western society it is not surprising that modern medicine is seeking alternative ways for dealing with it.

As the symptoms of stress become more complex and complicated many medical professionals are seeking new ways to deal with this ever growing epidemic. Although hypnosis has been used in mainstream medicine for many years now, with great success, it is only fairly recently that meditation has been introduced as a possible treatment for certain stress-based ailments.

Meditation has been performed by initiates for thousands of years and millions of people from all over the world participate in daily or weekly meditations. Meditation is probably the very best mental, and non drug, way of deaaling with negative emotional and mental issues. It has been demonstrated throughout the centuries by Zen Buddhist Monks and other Eastern Traditions that meditation has many beneficial effects on mind and body and may even prolong life and youthfulness.

However, the only problem with mediation is learning the art form itself. It takes monks and Zen masters decades to perfect mediation techniques. Unfortunately, in order to fully benefit from the type of physical healing that is demonstrated in deep meditation takes many, many years to learn.

This is a great disadvantage especially in the Western World where time is always a concern. Dedicating yourself to daily practises of 2 to 3 hour mediation exercises is just not possible for most people in our society.

Therefore, with all the benefits that mediation brings, yet the long time delay before you get the results you want, it is not surprising that modern Western science has devised a solution.

Years of research has allowed scientists to identify the exact brainwave patterns that occur during deep states of meditation. Master meditaters were monitored using EEg machines and sophisticated modern techologies in order to identify their brain and bodily rhythms during meditation. Doing this researchers identified the exact brainwave patterns that occur during deep states of meditation.

This was an eye-opener. However, with the discovery that a sound technology known as binaural beats could entrain the brain (change the listeners brainwaves) and specific binaural beats could create specific brainwaves it was just a matter of time until someone created binaural beats that could replicate the brainwaves of deep meditators.

Binuaral beats have been incorporated into meditation programs such as Holosync. Holosync is used to create instant states of meditation with no effort. Now within a few short minutes you can be experiencing exactly the same states as a Zen Buddhist Monk without having to spend 20 years learning how to do it!

Holosync uses very specific binaural beats to create the exact same mental states that a Zen Buddhist Monk experiences while in deep meditation.

Therefore, thanks to modern science and a few dedicated individuals, you can experience instant meditation without spending 20 years learning how to do it. All you need is a stereo CD player, some good stereo headphones and 45 minutes of undisturbed quiet! shuttle mediation

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