German Lessons London – Learn to Speak in the Language of the Most Powerful Economy in Europe

German lessons London – learn to speak in the language of the most powerful economy in Europe with tailored training from professional native tutors. Immerse yourself in this highly-prised and widely-used EU language, the second most spoken in the world. Having over 100 million speakers, German is the most widely used native language in the European Union and also an official language in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, parts of Belgium, and Switzerland, as well as being the first mass-produced book in history (the Gutenberg Bible was written in German).

Whether you’re looking to travel to a German-speaking country for work or pleasure, or simply want to improve your everyday vocabulary, our qualified native tutors will help you achieve your goals in an engaging, interactive learning environment. Our tailored individual courses focus on conversation skills and a deeper understanding of the language, rather than strict grammar exercises like those found in levelled intensive classes.

Our teachers are qualified to teach German at all Common European Framework levels, starting from A1.1 – suitable for complete beginners – through to B2+, which offers a high level of fluency and a good knowledge of complex grammatical structures. Our communicative approach to learning makes our lessons dynamic, fun and challenging, encouraging students to take the lead in their own learning with guidance from their teacher, and build confidence when using the language in real life.

Our private German tuition is offered on weekdays, weekends and evenings in the comfort of your home or at our central London classroom. We offer flexible booking options to suit your schedule and are committed to providing you with a quality language training experience, ensuring that you are comfortable, confident and happy in your new language environment. German lessons London

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