Finding Energy Star Compact Refrigerators

Where is the best place to find Energy Star compact refrigerators? Well let’s start with a review of the various purchasing options.


Many people,Guest Posting when they think of appliances, head straight to Sears. But many of my friends and family have felt that their customer service has been lacking in recent years. It is still worth checking out their prices though, in case there is a steep discount over your other options. Other places that are popular for appliances are Home Depot and Lowe’s. This is a relatively new place to purchase home applianaces. Both of their customer service and delivery is top notch.


You can also comparison shop at Best Buy and Brandsmart. Try to take your time and compare Energy Star compact refrigerators on paper, ignoring salesmen. It is a good idea to pick up a copy of Consumer Reports, or check their website, to see which brands of refrigerators they recommend as having the least service problems, and which they recommend based on price. It’s a good idea to find a medium between those two options, and of course, energy start compliance.


Small appliances can definitely be energy hogs, so don’t be fooled. Just because you are buying a small refrigerator doesn’t mean you will have a small electric bill. In fact, and I’m not sure why, the inverse seems to be true sometimes. The smallest refrigerator I ever owned seemed to always use the most electricity! I am a refrigerator person and I have at times owned two or more at a time, so I have had room for comparison.


I have also researched how to pick the most energy efficient appliances. You know that Energy Star? That means the refrigerator is 20% more efficient than minimum standards, so you want that star!


But there’s an additional way to compare energy efficiency as well: the yellow sticker (the actual estimated cost to run the appliance) and the rating. “The rating?”, you may ask. Yes. There is a rating for each refrigerator in America, assigning a letter grade from A to G. “A” appliances are very efficient, while “G” appliances are not so efficient.


With these tools you are now equipped to find a good refrigerator for your family, that is inexpensive and environmentally conscious. It is also wallet conscious, as an energy efficient appliance will save you money month after month for the entire life of the refrigerator. norcold cooling units

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