Don’t Lose Your Driver’s License, Hire a DWI Lawyer

In a moment of poor judgment you decided to drive home from the bar. It’s no big deal; you only had a few drinks. You’re buzzed, not drunk, and besides, you live right around the corner. So you get behind the wheel of your car and drive the same route home you’ve taken thousands of times. Tonight, however, is not your night. As you make the turns all too familiar to you, you come across a sobriety checkpoint. There is no way for you to divert down a side street, and even if you did there would be a cop waiting to follow you and pull you over. You have no choice but to go through the checkpoint. When you roll down your window, the officer questioning you decides to breathalyze you and you blow over the legal limit of .08. You might have felt sober enough to drive, and you may have been driving safely with no risk of harming others or yourself. Unfortunately, the law is the law, and despite your best intentions, you are now being charged as a drunk driver.

Hiring the right D.W.I. lawyer can make all the difference for your life. It is important to ask pertinent questions when going through the process of finding the right counselor. Questions such as “How long have you been practicing criminal law?” “How much experience do you have with D.W.I. cases?” and “What is the percentage of your cases that get acquitted and convicted?” The answers to these questions and others that are pertinent to your situation will help you determine if the attorney is right for you and your case.

A skilled D.W.I. lawyer will discuss your case with you. It is important to be completely honest and let your attorney lead the questions, so he or she will be able to gather all the information they will need, without getting bogged down with useless information. Based on your individual case you will have three different options in battling your charges.

You can plead guilty to the charges, and hope for leniency from the court. Oftentimes, this option is combined in part with your second option of taking a plea agreement. If your attorney is able to come to an agreement with the prosecutor, you will most likely have to plead guilty in exchange for reduced charges or whatever is otherwise agreed upon.

You can also choose to fight your charges in court. The state will have to prove that you were operating a vehicle while intoxicated beyond a reasonable doubt. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest, this may be hard to do. Even if you did take a breathalyzer on site, you can challenge the accuracy of the device. These devices need to be calibrated after every use, or their results may not be a hundred percent accurate.

Getting the right D.W.I lawyer is essential for these kinds of cases. They can help you keep your license, as well as reduce your charges. Don’t be a victim of the system, hire a skilled counselor to fight your case. best personal injury attorney

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