Connecting Five Locations Using a Youtube Live Stream

A youtube live stream is a way for people to broadcast what they are doing in real time online. This can include anything from an everyday activity, to a social event, or even a talent show. Live streams can be shared to friends and family or can be made public so anyone can watch. People can also comment on the live stream and interact with the broadcaster, for example giving virtual gifts such as coins that appear on the screen or sending emojis. Some streams are created by well known content creators or influencers and can attract large audiences. This can be exciting for children and young people who enjoy getting attention, particularly positive feedback.

The main concerns around live streaming are that if children and young people are watching or creating live videos, they can be exposed to age inappropriate content. They can also be at risk of being exposed to negative or offensive comments from other viewers. It is important that children and young people know where to get support and report concerns.

We recently used our VS-R265 to connect five locations globally to broadcast the online symposium about the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. Yoshikazu Suruga, General Manager of Startline Co., Ltd talked about the experience of connecting five different places around the world using a youtube live stream. buy youtube live stream views

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