Choosing Barber Shop Furniture

When you own a barber shop, the furniture in your space says a lot about the aesthetic of your business. It’s important to choose the right chairs, salon tables, and accessories for your space that suit your clientele and help you provide top-notch service. You can also incorporate technology tools to help your clients have an easier experience and improve your business operations.

When it comes to barbershop chairs, there are a variety of styles and models to choose from. Some are traditional, which have hydraulic lifts that the barber can use to adjust and include footrests and headrests for customer comfort. Others are influenced by antique styles, with metal frames and leather seating. Antique barber chairs are a great choice for a vintage-style salon or a barbershop that caters to older men.

A heavy duty barber chair is a must-have for any salon that offers a variety of services to clients, including haircuts and shaves. These barber chairs can handle more weight and have a stronger hydraulic pump, making them more durable for frequent use. They are also easier to clean and maintain, and they offer a more comfortable seat with thicker foam padding and large shoulder straps to support even the tallest customers.

Manicure tables are a staple for any salon, and they are available in a variety of styles and finishes to suit your space. Some are more modern with sleek lines, while others have a classic look to match your barbershop’s theme and style. You can also find manicure stations with built-in sinks to make it easy to sanitize your workstation and keep it tidy for your clients.

Other salon equipment that you’ll need to stock up on includes blow dryers, which are essential for drying and styling hair and setting hair dye. You’ll also want to have razors, shaving cream or gel, and a shave brush. Razors are important because they help give your clients a close, smooth shave. Shaving cream or gel helps protect the skin while shaving and create a rich lather that’s easier to work with. Lastly, a shave brush can help you get a closer shave and create a lather that’s easier to rinse off.

You should also stock up on a variety of cleaning and maintenance items, like a mop and bucket to clean the floor of your salon, as well as sanitizers and microfibre cloths to wipe down surfaces and mirrors. You’ll also need air freshener to keep your shop smelling clean and welcoming for your clients. Barber shop mobilie

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