Choosing an Ice Maker

When you’re hosting a party or just want cold, refreshing drinks in the hot summer sun, an ice maker is a game-changer. These appliances free up freezer space from stacks of trays and can keep up with even the thirstiest crowds. Choosing the right machine for your needs can come down to a matter of aesthetics, function, and price.

Among the best countertop models we tested, this whisper-quiet model produces the type of crystal-clear, bullet-shaped ice you’d find in a craft cocktail bar or soda fountain. It works by cascading water over a freezing-cold honeycomb, producing an insulated sheet of square cubes. It’s easy to use, with an LED-lighted control panel that signals when it’s time to add water or when the bin is full. It’s also one of the most affordable options we’ve found that does the job well. We wish it was a little more portable and that the ice container tilted instead of sliding out—it feels like it could spill if not careful.

When choosing an ice maker, look for a model that’s ENERGY STAR certified to save money on your utility bills. You’ll also want to consider how much you use it and what capacity is best for your needs. For example, if you tend to entertain large groups, you’ll want a model with a high output, which will ensure you have enough fresh-tasting ice for everyone. For added peace of mind, select a model with an anti-clog filter to avoid frustrating buildup and costly repair fees. ice maker

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