Choosing an Employee Communication App

An employee communication app helps companies to stay connected with their workforce. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from distributing the latest company news to creating an online community. The right choice can make a huge difference to staff, especially those working remotely.

The best employee communication apps are easy to use and work with the way workers already operate their personal mobile devices. Employees expect their workplace tools to work in the same manner, and won’t be happy with anything that’s difficult or time-consuming to navigate.

Some apps have a familiar social media-like interface that’s easy for employees to get used to. This makes it easier for them to access the key information they need. It also allows for a quick and easy response. Many workplace tools have an inbuilt messaging system that supports real-time video conferencing. This gives team members a sense of being in the same room, even if they are working remotely.

Message blasts can be targeted to specific groups of employees, or recurring to ensure that all workers receive the latest updates. Customization can also allow for branding with company colors and logos.

Slack is a popular app for peer-to-peer communication, with chatrooms to organize projects and other teams. It also offers channels to host discussions, and features like Huddles for video calls to enhance collaborative work. Dedicated admin settings let managers control who can view each channel, and email digests can be sent to staff to highlight the most important messages. Admins can also create mandatory reads and content analytics reporting to measure the impact of their communications.

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