Button Head Screw

Button Head Screw
Socket button head cap screws are light-duty screws that feature a raised dome-shaped head that is tightened with an allen wrench (hex key). They offer a more finished look than other, lower profile fasteners and are less likely to snag or damage materials that come in contact with them. These fasteners are commonly used in harnesses and other applications where parts of the body might come into contact with the screw. This type of screw is also used in areas where the exposed head might be damaged by other, higher-profile fasteners like hex heads or socket cap screws, which could cause bruising and injury.

While these types of screws are generally considered to be light-duty, they can still withstand some compressional loads, such as those generated by a nut or bolt that is tightened. They can be installed and removed with a standard hex tool, but they are better suited for power drivers due to their larger drive recess that can accommodate more torque than the smaller heads on other screw types.

Socket button head cap screws are available in a range of lengths and thread sizes. They can be found in ISO 7380, Property Class 10.9 and A2 or A4 Stainless Steel in stock at Fastenright and also as custom or specialty fasteners produced to specification. They are commonly used in electronics, manufacturing and automotive applications. They have a wide load-bearing surface that resist loosening and can stand up to vibration. They can be driven by a standard hex screw driver, but they can be used with special drivers such as a Torx or Tamper-resistant Torx for added security. Button Head Screw

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