Birthday Cake Designs

Does someone in your life have a big number coming up? Are you looking for that perfect piece of confectionery to make your loved one’s day extra special?

First of all, before you begin baking your birthday cake you should ask yourself: What does my recipient like? That is, who is your guest of honor, and what are their interests? Is it a child’s birthday? Than, maybe they would like a cake decorated as a racing car! Is it a business colleague’s party? How about an work-related cake? All of these ideas come back to a simple point: Make a cake based upon the subject’s hobbies or interests.

Let’s do a comparison: I have a two year old with a birthday that is soon arriving, and I need to make a cake for this young person. It was my intention to make a cake based upon a popular cartoon character, but this ended up being a bad idea. The reason was that this character was for children of a much higher age group. As such, my subject was not interested in, and did not care for, this popular character. Instead, I had discovered what the child really was interested in, and based a cake design on that interest. The subsequent result was a cake design that everybody at the party loved, including the child’s parents!

The above story is just one example of how one must keep a mind upon the subject’s personality. If you can make a beautiful cake that is coordinated to your subject’s tastes, than you can create a cake that will leave an everlasting impression upon everyone that will never be forgotten.

Cake Design Ideas

Teddy Bear: For one year old babies, sixteen year old girls, or aging fathers, a teddy bear cake is a great birthday idea for a loved one. Its sentimental and caring. It is best made for someone with a warm personality.

Action Toy Cake: This cake is a great design idea for boys between five and eleven years of age. Action heroes are a popular theme for boys at this age, and designing a cake to match this interest is a great idea. If you are unsure of what your tot likes, just watch what he watches on Saturday morning.

Sports Cake: This is a great idea for almost any male in one’s life, whether they be five or one hundred and five. Sports designed birthday cakes are very popular with boys or men. They are often easy to make, and go great with season tickets as birthday gifts!

Job or Career Cake: Another great idea for the person with an unusual job or career. This is a great idea for dad or even for the boss at work. This idea has only two drawbacks: 1) You can only use it once in a long while, and 2) Do not present this cake if the subject’s profession is not going well.

Holiday Theme: If your subject’s birthday falls on or near a famous holiday, you can design your cake on that holiday. Halloween is always a popular time, as is Christmas and Valentine’s Day. You can even plan a party on the holiday and call it a birthday party as well. dessert boxes

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