Are You Using The Social Triad To Promote Your Website?

Have you been using social marketing to promote your blog or website? If you’re not, then you are getting left behind. And I mean you are getting left miles behind. If you haven’t noticed, the major search engines are now using social prominence as one of the factors in ranking your website for your major keywords. So you need to get up and running with social marketing if you want to be a successful Internet marketer. As a minimum, you need to be using the Social Triad. So what is the Social Triad you may ask? Let us take a look at these.

The first leg of the Triad is Facebook. If you haven’t done so already, then you need to put together a Facebook account to promote your blog and website. Once you have it set up, then you need to start looking for groups and communities in your niche to become affiliated with. Start sharing a few links from your blog and website but don’t overdo it. You also need to find other pieces of content from other places in the Internet to share with your community as well. Also be willing to consume and make comments about the blogs and websites of your friends as well. The main thing is to be patient and persistent. Over time you will grow a very large community over which you will have some influence.

The second leg of your Triad is YouTube. What you may or may not know about this site is that it is now owned by Google. Therefore, building a presence with them will only help you further in maintaining good search engine rankings. Find out how you can create a few quality videos to promote your site. After you get 5 to 10 videos uploaded on your channel, then you can start sharing those with others. The first thing you will want to do is post a few of them on your blog. The next thing you want to do to share them with your Facebook community. Also within YouTube itself, you will want to create playlists to which you can add your videos. Add other people’s videos in the same niche to the same playlists so that the playlist itself can get ranked. You also want to subscribe to other people’s channels and build a community their as you did in Facebook.

The third leg of your Triad is Twitter. When you open your Twitter account, you will want to start gathering friends and building a community that shares the same interest that you do. Feel free to tweet about your blog posts, your Facebook posts, and your YouTube videos. As you can see, this Triad can serve to boost the popularity of one another as well as the presence of your blog or website.

Once you have your Social Triad in place, you should see by now how much power and influence you will start to have as you grow your communities within each of these. You need to make sure that you do not duplicate your posts too much between these three social sites and your website. youtube favorites

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