All Types Of Conservatories

Victorian, Gazebo, Georgian and Edwardian are some of the conservatory sun room styles you can select from, a range of wood types to build your sun room, including oak, maple, cedar, mahogany and fir. They provide maximum insulation thereby increasing energy efficiency. The glass room controls the air temperature inside, even during extreme climatic conditions. These patio room enclosures are best suited for regions with a breathtaking view, by allowing maximum space for viewing the landscape. The English-Style conservatories are well known for their classic design and elegant look and feel, you can select from a range of decorative Victorian sun room conservatories to the magnificent Georgian structures.

Features of Sun room Conservatories

These conservatories have their respective architectural plans. They are provided with beautiful windows of various frames, you can also select from a range of stained glass to add a personalized touch to the conservatory. The doors and windows can be provided with multi point lock facility for added security. Instead of glass, if you use polycarbonate multi-ply for the roof you will get increased insulation, they only allow the soft light to diffuse inside the room. The walls have multiple chambers and the PVC used to make the walls of the sun room is reinforced with metal to provide more strength to the structure. This feature also makes the conservatories more durable. You can derive greater ventilation by fitting the turn and tilt windows. In times of bad weather conditions, these windows can be tilted in such an angle that they provide the necessary ventilation with allowing the adverse weather to affect indoor atmosphere, they can also be opened to 90º angle. giving you unrestricted view of outside environment.

Conservatory Design and Style

The conservatories can be built according to a number of designs and styles. Some of the common styles and designs include Victorian conservatory, Georgian conservatory, Edwardian conservatory, Mediterranean conservatory and Pavilion conservatory. The Victorian models sometimes have aluminum exterior and interior finish, they are provided with interlocked window and door sashes with thermal panels. You can select a number of systems for your doors and windows from fixed to dual, removable screens to sliding ones, child secure handles to double lock, in place of aluminum, you can also have wood interiors. They can have aluminum exteriors with laminated wooden beams and thermal panels. The windows can have various attachments including double security lock, awnings, grills, and casement windows. You can place French doors or even single swing and sliding doors, you can even have the Victorian conservatories clad with vinyl. They have low maintenance cost and the construction is energy efficient, they are available with the French swing doors or the sliding doors with glazed roof panels. The Double Victorian style is a hybrid variation with Victorian arcs and Edwardian columns.

The Edwardian conservatories are usually built with a corner facet of 45º, they have a typical vaulted ceiling that is often made up of stained glass, they usually run parallel to the house and are best suited for conventional houses. The Georgian conservatory provides you with spacious rooms made of glass that are economical and are energy efficient, they are provided with insulated roofing and thermal panels with interlocked window and door sashes, they have quad doors or swinging French doors with removable screens and have child proof door knobs with double locking system.

Extending The Room With Conservatories

Your rooms can be extended to form the conservatory patio rooms, porches, full glass rooms and the three or four season sun rooms. The patios allow the fresh air to enter, but stop insects and unwanted intruders from entering. But most of the time using this room is done only in summer or when the chill is not there in the air. You can build the sun room on an existing structure or just convert a room into a sun room depending on your needs. Some of the conservatory sun rooms make use of the heating and cooling system of the house to regulate the room temperature of the glass enclosed area. If this facility is not provided, you can easily install the system in the conservatory. The conservatories facing the North require fewer blinds as they are the coldest. On the contrary, the South facing ones are really warm and require constant ventilation in the form of open windows, vents on roofs and tinted roof. The West facing conservatories gets the benefit of the evening light of the sun, while the East facing one gets the morning sun and is best suited as a breakfast room. Conservatories sure do add charm to family relationships by bringing all the family members together in the morning and in the evening to share the outdoor environment and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape. If well planned, they become the ideal place to relax and indulge in your favorite pastime. conservatory roof panels

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